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calleighjake's Journal

CaKe Love

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Calleigh Duquesne & Jake Berkeley community.


Welcome to a community in support of the Calleigh Duquesne & Jake Berkely relationship. Played by Emily Proctor and Johnny Whitworth.

Not much is known about their past together other than they have known each other since the police academy where they dated.

Taken from CSI:Miami wiki:

Jake and Calleigh went to the academy together and were involved romantically then. Jake joked that she could have been number one, if she hadn't been dating him. He first appeared in Miami after Calleigh's Hummer was run off the road into a canal by one of the gang members in the gang he was undercover in (05x02 "Going Under"). Calleigh ends up taking Jake down and then cuffing him when he was telling Tripp to keep her in line while he was undercover, and did so in front of the gang. He was working with ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms) as an undercover agent. Jake was undercover with a partner who ended up dead, whose death Calleigh was investigating at the time, and the reason Jake was still okay with the gang was because he was willing to get dirty rather than playing it straight. Getting dirty with the gang included drugs, alcohol, and the lot. Horatio warns Jake what happens when you're a dirty cop, because of his brother being one, and that Jake could still turn straight. Jake resurfaces later when a young woman he used as an informant ends up dead (05x09 "Going, Going, Gone"). He made a lateral change to MDPD (Miami Dade Police Department) from ATF, because he said that they blew his cover. He ends up putting Calleigh in danger, when he comes in when Calleigh has someone cornered and Jake scares the guy, who accidently pulls the trigger. Calleigh is shot, but luckily was wearing Kevlar. When Natalia Boa Vista's ex-husband is murdered, Jake comes into investigate and tries to find out what actually happened (05x12 "Internal Affairs"). Calleigh talks to Jake on the phone (05x23 "Kill Switch"), and tells them that they might have a civilized meal together if crime would stop and give her a break. Jake is a detective in homicide with Miami Dade Police Department currently. The van he was in while transporting a criminal was overturn and he was injured, Horatio found him and called for rescue and referred to him as "brother" (possibly referring to the fact that Jake was a dirty cop, and is trying to redeem himself, so he sees him with Raymond Caine). Calleigh told Eric when she was talking about Jake being in the hospital that she wasn't even sure how she felt about Jake yet (but she trusted Eric with her life). He was hospitalized for only about half a day and ended up catching Calleigh off-guard in the middle of CSI and kissing her (even though Calleigh has never allowed her relationships to come out in the open at work), which obviously surprised her and Eric (05x24 "Born to Kill").

And with the new season kicking off with hinted mentions of Calleigh and Jake having gone on holiday together. Matching tans and all. CaKe supporters hope to get to know more about their relationship. Who knows what season 6 has coming.


Icons, graphics, fan-fiction, anything directly relating to the Calleigh/Jake (CaKe) relationship.


• Any graphics, icons taken from this community should be credited to their respective creators.
• No ship or actor bashing allowed.
• Spoilers must be placed behind LJ-Cut's. And noted on the entry.
• Entries regarding the actors portraying the characters is okay, but anything off topic or of CSI:MI general topics, please use communities created for just that.

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Community created, October 5 2007.

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